Rado 35014: Achtung Jabo

KIT #: 35014
PRICE: 17.00 at www.highcaibreminiatures.com
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin figure

First off, the title is not a typo. It is the same as the previous one. In this case it is another SS soldier, this time a panzer crewman. He is in camouflaged overalls and aiming an MG 34 at the incoming or potentially incoming Allied fighter bomber.

The resin is superbly cast and totally free of errors. The figure is well sculpted and in an interesting pose. I like that Rado packages the easily broken bits in a separate bag with a hard card in it.  The box illustration can be used as a painting guide.

If you like this and the previous figure, they are offered as a set with a bit of a savings.

July 2018

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