Rado 35013: Achtung Jabo

KIT #: 35013
PRICE: 17.00 at www.highcaibreminiatures.com
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin figure

Here is a look at another very nicely done resin figure from the folks at Rado in Poland. This time, it is another SS soldier. It is an NCO from 1944 holding an MP 40 and listening for the sounds of an Allied fighter-bomber.

The resin is superbly cast and totally free of errors. The figure is well sculpted and in an interesting pose. I like that Rado packages the easily broken bits in a separate bag with a hard card in it.  The box illustration can be used as a painting guide.

This one would be perfect for both the experienced figure builder and those who want something nicely done to start out with. 

July 2018

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