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Scott Van Aken


Kinetic kit

I recently purchased the Kinetic 1/48 F-104G Starfighter and was surprised that Kinetic did not include the option for instrument panel decals. I like using decals or p.e. for panels as my ability to paint these features gets worse and worse as I get older. I had not tried out a set of 3D decals as this seems to be quite the thing nowadays.

So after some web searching, I ordered a set. They are a bit pricey to my mind, but they certainly look the part. Reading the instructions, I found that these are not strictly decals in the sense that have come to expect decals. Indeed, the markings are actually a vinyl and the instructions recommend some sort of adhesive when applying them. This adhesive can range from clear paint to super glue. They warn not to use setting solutions on the markings as apparently it causes some sort of damage to them. Not only that, but one has to remove any extant detail on the plastic prior to using these. Seems the only 'decal' part of them is that they come free of the backing once dipped in water.

The set includes a very nice set of placement instructions, complete with photos. There are two sets of instrument panels and side consoles depending on if you are building the interceptor or the ground attack version. Personally, I don't see much difference between the two aside from the white circles with the red X in them on one side console, and I doubt any viewer would notice that either. Means that you get a second set to use with another kit.

I look forward to giving these a try when I build the kit.

February 2024

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