Propblur 1/32 propellers


various aircraft


$7.99 a fret, only from


Scott Van Aken


etched stainless steel

Most of you have probably already heard of PropBlur. They have been around for quite a while, though there have been times of inactivity. Basically, it is one of the more inventive ways of duplicating spinning propellers. While motorizing the blades is the best way, this isn't always a viable option. Some use clear discs with blurred blades painted on them and others just leave the prop blades off.

However, to me, none of these options are as nice as using PropBlur. I've built several models using PropBlur and like the way it turned out.

This is their first 1/32 set and each set is made of stainless steel instead of the usual brass. This makes for a more durable product. These are also somewhat different in design than their earlier sets. Each blade is a scale 11 feet in length, and can be trimmed for other sizes. There are two blades in each set so if you need three or four blades, you'll want a second set.

Depending on how well these sell, Prop-Blur will be doing ones that include a hub, just like they have done in the other scales, but it is all dependent on demand.

These are perfect for those who like to build in-flight models or those sitting on the ground with the engine running.

July 2014

Thanks to PropBlur for the review samples. Visit this link to get yours.

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