Peewit 1/72 TBM-3W 'Guppy' Masks

KIT #: M72151
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: For the Sword kit

This set of masks is for another of those planes that really needs a good set of masks. In this case, it is the Sword 1/72 TBM-3W 'Guppy', though it doesn't have the myriad of clear areas as the standard TBM, there are enough to justify the expense of a set of masks. I personally wish that kit companies would start including these sorts of things in with their products, but then, that would put aftermarket folks out of business.

This fairly small set includes the masks for the canopy section as well as the variety of small fuselage windows that this aircraft has. Noet that for the forward center section, you'll need to cut it (assuming it isn't already) in order for it to fit well.

This set is made of kabuki tape so should be fairly easy to apply. One thing about masks of all types, only the flat ones will stay in place any length of time. The curved ones tend to come up after a period of time, so best to paint over these as soon as you can.

January 2021

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