Peewit 1/72 NA.64 'Yale' Masks

KIT #: M72098
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: For the RS Models kit

Recently, I purchased and previewed the RS Models 1/72 NA.64 Yale. As with some other recent purchases, as soon as I looked and the tiny panes on the caniopy, I knew that I would have to get some masks for it.

This is another set from Peewit, which is out of the Czech Republic. They are kabuki tape masks and while the actual sheet is quite small, it is worth it in terms of the time and effort it would take to mask this sort of canopy the usual way. By getting the mask about the same time as the kit, it ensures that I'll be able to do the kit without having to hunt around for a set when the time comes. I've found that these sorts of things can get scarce as time goes by.

Fortunately, these are carried by some US retailers so I don't have to deal with ordering from overseas. In addition to the canopy frames, it also includes masks for the wheels, which is pretty much standard stuff for most of these sets. MPM did the later NA.67 and I'm betting that this set would be useful for that kit as well.

Well worth the effort of seeking out, especially for kits like this.

February 2021

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