Pacific Monograph's PMFIG 004: 1/32 Tiger 2


$25.00 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Notes Includes jacket patch decals

Pacific Monograph has been releasing some very neat subjects and this one is no exception. Sculpted by one of the best in the world, Mike Good, this figure can be built as either Claire Chennault or Tex Hill. The set comes with two different heads and two different right arms. One arm has a coffee cup and the other a cigarette.

In addition, the figure includes two decal sheets with a variety of jacket patches in various sizes. These are standard waterslide decals so you don't have to cut anything out. Not only can you use these on this figure, but the different sizes means they are applicable to other scales as well. There is an explanation on the back of the instructions as to what units are provided as these have patches for a number of CBI based USAAF units and not just the Flying Tigers.

Superb casting by one of the best in the world, how can you go wrong.

November 2018

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