Pacific Monograph's PMAVI007: 1/32 Tiger Moth


$10.00 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Notes For the Revell/Matchbox kit

Pacific Monograph has released a few decal sheets and this is their latest. It is for the 1/32 Matchbox Tiger Moth, which has been reissued by Revell at least once. Tiger Moth offerings are not very plentiful so this one with two options should find some favor with those who have the kit.

The first markings option is for a Thai plane in overall yellow. No date is provided and note that this plane did have the anti-spin strakes.

The other marking is a Vichy French one from 1941 while based at Tong in French Indochina. the plane is in an overall aluminum dope with the red yellow stripes on the nose and a red tail section.

The sheet is superbly printed and comes with the DH and Tiger Club decals as a bonus. There are enough markings to do both options, which is nice. If you have this kit, you now have a nice excuse to build it.

November 2018

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