Pacific Monograph's European Shingles

For: A wide variety of subjects


$16.00 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Today's product is not something for which you need a shot but a very useful product for those building military dioramas. This is a box full of European style wood shingles. These were quite common in Northern Europe and while there are kits that have vacuformed shingle roofs, they look like vacuformed plastic, even after painting.

Well, now, with this set of over 1,000 shingles, you can make the roof of your French farmhouse come to life. These are laser cut and easy to use. Simply layer them as you would the real thing. There are no installation instructions as they are pretty much intuitive. What PacMon does provide are a half dozen large photographs of these shingles on roofs for inspiration.

These were almost never painted and would soon weather to a nice grey or if the climate was damp enough, you'd get mosses growing on them. No scale is provided, but I'd have to say they are 1/35. The set is a real bargain for the scratch builder and well worth picking up.

November 2018

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