Pacific Monograph's Aero Pacific #1

Edited by: Burl Burlingame




Scott Van Aken

Notes: 100 pages, Softcover
ISBN 9780962922787

This is the first edition of Pacific Monograph's AeroPacific. It is subtitled as 'The Journal of Pacific Aviation History'. The editor states that most hobby interest is focused on the Atlantic side of things and he does have a point. Most of the well known world's history in the last 400 or so years has taken place in Europe and the Americas. When it comes to aviation, that very much has been where not only developments but the use of aircraft in war has been widely focused. This series will provide articles on aviation in the Pacific from a variety of authors.

Since the editor lives in Hawaii, it is not unexpected that a goodly number of articles focus there. There are articles on a child's view of the Pearl Harbor attack, a couple on Bellows Field, one on Ford Island, and whether Maui built the first flying machine. A fascinating look at early aviation is an article on Tom Gunn's flights in the islands. Then we have ones on B-17s in the Far East, skip bombing, Japanese aerial torpedoes, and a major article on D3A Val dive bombers during Pearl Harbor. This article provides over 50 full color profiles of various aircraft.

In all, it is a great start and the nice mix of articles keeps one's interest from cover to cover. Each article is, as they say, profusely illustrated with many images you have probably not seen before along with a few favorites. Very much worth picking up.

March 2019

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