Noy's Miniatures 1/144 Soviet/Russian bomber tarmac

This item is a large print on fairly heavy paper. It measures 15 x 21.5 inches so takes up a considerable amount of space. It comes rolled in a sturdy cardboard container and mine survived the international mails in perfect condition.

It took a while to flatten it out enough to where it wasn't curling too much to allow photos to be taken. This only comes in 1/144 scale as frankly, there are not a ton of larger Russian bomber kits and there are when it comes to this scale.

For reference I took photos of this superbly printed base with two planes. One is a fairly small Tu-22 as shown directly above and the other is with one of the largest bombers in the Russian inventory, the Myasishchev M-4 which is the heading image. As you can see, the Tu-22 almost looks small and even with the Bison on it, there is plenty of additional room.

 Please contact Noy's Miniatures at for more information  on ordering these superb airfield tarmac bases. These are also available at some stockists, so check your local shop to see if they carry them.

January 2019

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