Meng Sprue Cutters
KIT #: MTS-026
PRICE: Around $40-60.00
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Most of us are, by now, aware of Meng model kits. Like other manufacturers, they also provide a line of accessories. One of them is a set of high quality sprue cutters. This is set MTS-026, not to be confused with set MTS-006 which isn't the same.

For years, I've been having issues with my standard sprue cutters taking a divot out of the part if one cuts too close to it. Xuron has a deserved reputation, but the truth is, I got tired of cutting the sprue stubs long and having difficulty when the part was close to the sprue. Sure, you can use a razor blade saw, but even these have their issues when the room is tight.

I had heard good things about these cutters and while the price is probably higher than most want to spend, the old adage that 'you get what you pay for' is quite true with these cutters. To put it succinctly, these are like cutting through butter. The cut is smooth and the thinness of the blades means you can get into very tight places. There is still a small nub, but it doesn't cut into the part itself.

This cutters come with a leather case to protect the blades and the instructions recommending not using them for thick sprue. Keep your Xurons for cutting sprues.. The handles are spring loaded and the small stop you see in the side is to keep the handles from being too far open. The black item you see farther down is an adjustment for how far closed the blades will come. There is a tool included to adjust this.

I've been using these cutters for a couple of months now and have to say that I'll never go back to the others I've used. I am pretty sure you will feel the same way.


July 2014


Thanks to me for picking this one up when it was on sale.

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