Special Mask M72031: 1/72 Meteor NF.11/12/13


$5.20 plus shipping from Czechia


Scott Van Aken


For the Special Hobby kit.

Many years ago, I read that the British were unable to properly mold blown plexiglass that was used for canopies during WWII. Obvious that is not the case as the Tempest eventually got this style of canopy as did the Typhoon and other late war/immediately post war British aircraft. However, when it came to the two seat Meteors, Gloster went back to multiple frames for the canopies until the NF.14. This means that there are a lot of panes to deal with so when I bought the NF.11 kit from Special Hobby, I also ordered a canopy mask set.

As you can see this set not only tackles the canopy but also the wheel hubs, making the wheels easier to paint. This is a fairly straight forward set and the instructions provide a usable guide as to which mask goes on which pane. Note that the front wheel mask is in sections to make it easier to apply.

I've used a number of similar sets and can always recommend them to help in masking small panes. 

November 2021

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