Special Mask M72010: 1/72 Bf-109E-1/3


$5.50 plus shipping


Scott Van Aken


For the Special Hobby kit.

As my vision worsens with age, I've come to rely of masks for those kits with either a lot of clear areas or those that are somewhat complex. So when I recently ordered the Special Hobby 1/72 Bf-109E-1/3, I also included a set of their masks for this kit. Note that Special Masks are so far only designed for Special Hobby kits, at least it seems so from the listing.

This set is quite typical of most, being produced on kabuki tape and thus they are fairly easy to remove once you have the light hit the sheet in such a manner as to actually be able to see the cuts for the part. The set includes masks for all the cockpit windows, and the wheels. Note that specific masks fit on specific kit part numbers so be sure you have the right parts. For instance, one of the windscreens has an armored glass center section.

I've used a number of similar sets and can always recommend them to help in masking small panes. 

August 2022

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