Special Mask M72008: B-10/12/Model 139


$5.20 plus shipping


Scott Van Aken


For the Special Hobby kit.

When I ordered my Special Hobby Martin 139, I knew that when/if I got around to building it, that I'd need a set of masks. The airplane has a ton of windows and cutting tape to fit the nose turret simply wouldn't be any fun at all. So I added this set of masks. It is something that I'm doing more and more often as I get a new kit. These things are a bit time consuming to install, but they ensure no slips of the scalpel blade when cutting tape.

This set includes not only the pane masks but also a set of wheel masks, which is a nice touch. They also include an installation guide. Some of the panes may require some liquid mask to fill in spaces, but this is really the only way to do some of these.

I've used a number of similar sets and can always recommend them to help in masking small panes. 

October 2021

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