Special Mask M48002: 1/48 Reggianne Re.2005 Canopy Masks


$5.20 plus shipping from Czechia


Scott Van Aken


For the Special Hobby kit.

Probably not a set that many of you would use, but I have come to rely on mask sets for all but the simplest canopies. I guess you might consider this a simple set and so be it. I ordered this when I ordered the kit to which it fits just to add value to the parcel.

Like all Special Mask sets, they are only for recent Special Hobby kits and I would hope they'd expand this to take into consideration some older toolings. The set is not only the canopy parts, but also wheel hub masks. The sheet should make quick work of this sometimes tedious task. These are kabuki tape masks so no worries in regard to the masks shrinking, but I'd have to think that the tape has a shelf life so best not to let it sit around for decades.

November 2021

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