ResKit RSM72-007 F-4E (early) canopy and wheel masks




Scott Van Aken


For the Fine Molds kit.

I recently built a Fine Molds F-4C kit and was quite pleased with the result. However, I did not like having to hand cut masks for the transparencies. It has come to pass that I'm not as dexterous as I used to be and find that things like masks really do help me get a cleaner look to transparencies without the worry about a slip of the knife scratching the part.

When I built the Fine Molds kit, there were no dedicated masks for the kit. Now you'd think that the masks for one 1/72 F-4 would fit all the others. However, this is rarely the case as there are always small differences in what should be identical parts from different kit manufacturers. One thing that is true is that the F-4 canopy from one kit by a manufacturer will fit all the other F-4s produced by that manufacturer. As such, though this is listed as being for an F-4E, it will also work on the F-4C/D/B/J/G/F variants as there ws no change in these parts through the production life of the type.

This set does not provide an overall look at the masks on the sheet, however, each mask is identified and so using the instructions, you can easily figure what goes where. Not also that this set includes moth inside and outside masks. Several of the areas will require the use of masking fluid as it is difficult to do a mask to cover a compound curve.

Well worth picking up if you plan on doing a Fine Molds F-4. I have several so I bought several sets.

January 2024

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