PMask Pk72121: 1/72 Bf-108 Taifun




Scott Van Aken


For the Fly kit.

When I recently purchased a 1/72 Fly Bf-108 (previewed here), I figured it wouldn't hurt to get some canopy masks for it as well. I find that as I grow older, that these sorts of items are quite helpful in an area I find it growingly difficult to deal with. Though this kit doesn't have the mass of small panes you'd find on something like a Bf-110, some are still fairly small.

Pmask has a good placement diagram on the small sheet included with the kabuki masks. I also wonder if this might not work on the Heller 108, though it is not why I purchased these. When I'm done with them, I'll give a few a try to see if they fit or not. It is not unusual for two kits of the same aircraft in the same scale not to have parts that are exactly the same. That's why I often say "designed for the xx but may fit the xx".

February 2021

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