PMask Pk72119Y N-3PB




Scott Van Aken


For the Special Hobby kit.

A recent build of a model that had a 'greenhouse' canopy cemented in my mind the benefit of pre-cut masks for these types of aircraft. In that vein, I decided to invest in a set for the recently previewed Special Hobby Northrop N-3PB. The set not only includes masks for the canopy sections, but also for the lower observation window and for the wheels on the beaching gear. This set is made from Kabuki tape which means it will be a bit difficult to find the edges, but it won't suffer from the shrinking that some have reported with vinyl tapes. It also is fairly low tack so it is important to properly burnish down the edges. For those who don't like the stress of cutting your own masking or feel you aren't good at it. These sorts of things are well worth the expense.

December 2018

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