Montex MM 72022: He-177




Scott Van Aken


For the 1/72 Revell kit.

An item that has become a 'must have' for many modelers are canopy masks. These are designed to fit specific kits and the benefit of these is that you don't have to cut the tape when it is on the canopy. This will help to prevent issues with the knife slipping (been there).

The Montex MaxiMask includes not only the vinyl mask for the clear parts, but includes masks for the insignia and codes. These codes are for a two airplanes and the instructions state this set is for Revell 1/72 He-177, kit #04616. The reason is is so kit specific is that the insignia/codes are the same as what's provided in this boxing. The set also includes the spirals for the propeller spinners.

Well worth picking up if you need masks for this kit and you want to paint on the insignia/codes. Otherwise it would be useful to just get the set that includes the canopy masks alone.

July 2021

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