LF Models M7239: 1/72 Me-410




Scott Van Aken


For the Italeri kit.

An item that has become a 'must have' for many modelers are canopy masks. These are designed to fit specific kits and the benefit of these is that you don't have to cut masking for the scheme while it is on the kit.

I've used these sorts of things a couple of times and for aircraft that have a fairly complex camouflage scheme, like the Luftwaffe splinter scheme, it is a time saver. Sure, one can get the same results with tape, but these are quicker.

This particular set is vinyl and for the most part, I've found that this is the material to use for camouflage masks. Canopy masks are usual tape and when using this set, one will have to pre-mask the clear bits to be sure there is no overspray glitches.

From the look of things, one paints the underside first, masks that, then paints the lighter color before masking that and finishing up with the darker shade. Though the instructions state to use RLM 70/71/65, there were 410s painted in the fighter shades of RLM 74/75/76.

Though this set is designed for the Italeri Me-410, it should work on other 410s in this scale as well as Italeri's 210 as the fuselages are the same length.

December 2019

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