LF Models M7233: Bf-109E part I Camouflage Mask


$15.00 or so


Scott Van Aken


For all 1/72 Bf-109E kits.

An item that has become quite useful to many of us are camouflage masks. This is something that is especially true for some of the more complex 'splinter' schemes used by Luftwaffe aircraft. I have used masks like this in the past and they really are a time saver. With care, they can also be reused a second time.

This set is for the 1/72 Bf-109E though I'm willing to bet that it would work on the earlier C/D versions that were painted in this scheme. No specific kit is shown, but it doesn't matter. The set is a grey vinyl and there are instructions showing exactly were each panel is to be applied. There are also upper/lower camo demarcation sections supplied. Well worth the price, especially if you are a bit on the lazy side.

October 2023

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