LF Models M7211: Ju-88 Camouflage Masks


$15.00 or so


Scott Van Aken


For all 1/72 Ju-88 kits.

An item that has become quite useful to many of us are camouflage masks. This is something that is especially true for some of the more complex 'splinter' schemes used by Luftwaffe aircraft. I have used masks like this in the past and they really are a time saver. With care, they can also be reused a second time.

This set is for the 1/72 Ju-88. There is no specific kit mentioned for this set and while the Ju-88A-1 is shown in the diagram, it will work on any of the available kits in this scale.

The set has two sheets and while not black vinyl, I don't think they are kabuki tape versions either. Regardless of the material, they should work just fine. LF provides a placement guide for the sides and the top as you can see in the illustration of the cover. Unlike a previous set I reviewed, this one has a guide for where each segment is located.

I ordered these from a US retailer and they arrived in good time. Unfortunately, the USPS ignored the 'do not bend' on the package and even with the cardboard, the set was bent. I do hope that does not affect how they work. 

March 2021

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