LF Models M4819: 1/48 Ju-87B/R Stuka




Scott Van Aken


For all 1/48 Stuka kits.

An item that has become quite useful to many of us are camouflage masks. This is something that is especially true for some of the more complex 'splinter' schemes used by Luftwaffe aircraft. I have used masks like this in the past and they really are a time saver. With care, they can also be reused a second time.

This set is for the 1/48 Ju-87B/R Stuka. There are a number of excellent kits for these masks and since they are all pretty much the same in terms of shape, they can all benefit from this set.

The set includes two buff squares with the masks cut into them. It is extremely difficult to find the cut lines on these sheets and I had to use a fairly bright flashlight to see them. LF provides a placement guide for the sides and the top as you can see in the illustration of the cover. Unlike a previous set I reviewed, this one has a guide for where each segment is located. Note that though this is not for the later D/F/G Stuka, I see no reason why these couldn't be used on that variant.

I ordered these from a US retailer and they arrived within a week instead of a month.

February 2021

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