Kit Masx 72-006: 1/72 Bv-141




Scott Van Aken


For the Airfix kit

This set from Kit Masx is for the Airfix BV-141. This is by no means a new kit, but still is one that would benefit from a set of canopy masks. This is due to the large number of panes. The cover sheet states that only a partial product image is shown and that is the case. Not shown are the masks for the very aft section of the transparencies nor are the wheel masks shown. I can live without the wheel masks being shown, but would find it useful to have all the transparency masks shown. Perhaps that can be accomplished on later sets. You will need some masking fluid for some of the more convoluted parts, but you are provided the outline for those.

As of yet, Kit Masx does not have a web site, but you can order these direct by e-mailing You can also find a full listing on their Facebook page.

August 2021

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