Kit Masx 48-001: FW-190S-5/8




Scott Van Aken


For the MPM kit

This set from Kit Masx is for the MPM 1/48 FW-190S-5/8 two seat trainer. If there was ever a kit that needed this, it would be this one. One reason I've not started mine is because of having to mask it. The kit provides two different styles of canopy for this aircraft. One has a flat pane on the rear transparency and the other is slightly bulged and consists of four separate triangular pieces. This set takes both into consideration, though the cover image only shows the latter one. This latter canopy is vacuformed plastic in the kit while the flat pane one is injected. Also included in the set are wheel masks, which is always appreciated.

As of yet, Kit Masx does not have a web site, but you can order these direct by e-mailing You can also find a full listing on their Facebook page.

August 2021

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