Kit Masx 48-049: Re.2001 Falco II




Scott Van Aken


For the Classic Airframes kit

This set from Kit Masx is for the Sword 1/48 Re.2001 Falco II. The set is for the outside of the canopy. It appears to have multiple windscreen central panes, though I'm not sure why this ould be needed.  There are two full sets on the sheet which is nice to have. It is also a bit different from the one for the Sword kit. This is a vinyl mask set and is also available in kabuki tape.

Though no placement guide is provided, there really is no need as the placement is pretty easy to intuit. I'd show you the mask set, but all you'd see is a blank grey square.

Thanks to Kitmasx for the review set. You can get yours today at this link.

May 2023

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