Kit Masx 48-031: 'Stocky' Edwards P-40 Kittyhawk III




Scott Van Aken


For any appropriate 1/48 kit

This set from Kit Masx is insignia and codes to allow you to duplicate the Kittyhawk III flown by 'Stocky' Edwards, a WWII Canadian ace. My search on Google was unclear as to exactly which version of the P-40 was used. Art work showed both a P-40E or a P-40K such as what is provided here.

The set includes two different sizes of under-wing roundel so you can choose what you wish. This set is vinyl and they are also available using Tamiya tape.

Though no placement guide is provided, there really is no need as the placement is pretty easy to intuit. I'd show you the mask set, but all you'd see is a blank grey square.

Thanks to Kitmasx for the review set. You can get yours today at this link.

June 2022

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