Dead Design 1/48 Ki-43-II 'Hayabusa' insignia masks

KIT #: VM48064
PRICE: $10 or so
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: For the Fine Molds kit

This Dead Design offering is a set of insignia and prop markings. It is usable on any 1/48 Ki-43 kit though it states it is for the Ki-43-II/III. Perhaps this is because many of the -I aircraft had no fuselage insignia nor did they generally use prop markings such as used on this sheet.

In addition to the insignia and prop markings, you are provided masks for 33 Hiko Sentai, a unit that did not operate the early Oscar, though I'm not sure if they operated the -III version or not. The set has a placement guide to help you figure out what each item is and you can use the kit instructions to help as well.

These are really simple to use as you can either paint the area, apply the mask and then repaint the surrounding sections or use the surround and additional masking material to paint the marking in place. Note that the Japanese hinomaru has been shown as a bright and a dark red depending on who does the decals. Most folks tend to go with a somewhat darker red.

Well worth picking up.

March 2021

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Thanks to Dead Design for the review sample. You can get yours at this link.

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