Dead Design 1/48 Ki-43-III 'Hayabusa' canopy masks

KIT #: VM48008
PRICE: $10 or so
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: For the Fine Molds kit

Dead Design was a company of which I had not heard until a forum member mentioned them. I then checked out their web site and noticed that most of what they offer is for Japanese aircraft. Well, this is just great as finding masks for Japanese planes is not always easy. This is especially true of Fine Molds kits and DD offers a number of them.

This set is for the Ki-43-III version. You will notice that there is a hexagonal opening between mask 8 and 9. This is for the filler for the engine boosting fluid. The set comes with complete placement instructions and while the sheet isn't all that big, it will be very much appreciated when it comes time to build that kit.

March 2021

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