Aeromask AM48-Spit01




Scott Van Aken



I've seen adverts for Aero Masks for quite some time on Facebook so decided to order some of them to see what they are like. As you can guess, these are camouflage masks and not canopy masks, which you can find from a number of other sources.

This particular set is for the 'A' camouflage scheme as applied to the Spitfire and other early war British fighters. Up until about 1941, the 'A' scheme was to be used on even serial numbers and the mirror image 'B' scheme used on odd serial numbers. Naturally, this was something that was not rigidly adhered to. In 1941 it was decided to do away with the 'B' scheme and all subsequent aircraft used the A scheme.

I'm not sure what the material used for these masks is as it doesn't seem to be kabuki tape so it must be some sort of vinyl. According to the web site it has the same stickiness of Tamiya tape. The sheet contains only the mask so no need to hunt edges to peel it from the backing. The sheet comes with a small, four sheet booklet with placement information and general instructions on using these masks. The instructions also state that they may pull up acrylic paint if it hasn't been put over a primer. I'm looking forward to giving these a try in the near future.

August 2022

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