Aeromask AM72-Hunter01




Scott Van Aken



This particular set from Aero Mask is for the 1/72 Hawker Hunter. Over the years there have been several kits produced of this aircraft in this scale. So far the best out there is a fairly recent offering from Revell, though my latest acquisition from them showed a bit of flash so perhaps it is time to do a bit of work on the tooling.

Aero Masks basically deal with camouflage patterns. Now I realize that often times these patters were free-handed on the real deal, however, with most RAF-style schemes, the patterns are very tight and would be difficult for most modelers to duplicate using their air brush. This is where masks like this come into play. I should note that these sets do not include canopy masks so you'll have to get those from another source.

I'm not sure what the material used for these masks is as it doesn't seem to be kabuki tape so it must be some sort of vinyl. According to the web site it has the same stickiness of Tamiya tape. The sheet contains only the mask so no need to hunt edges to peel it from the backing. The sheet comes with a small, four sheet booklet with placement information and general instructions on using these masks. The instructions also state that they may pull up acrylic paint if it hasn't been put over a primer.

May 2023

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