Gold Metal Models 1/700 USN Cruiser/Destroyer set

Those who build ship models know that nothing really adds to a kit more than a set of photo etch. Often this consists of railings, but it can include a number of other features.

I'm not sure if GMM is still in business, but this set is for USN Cruisers and Destroyers. These generic sets are often all that one really needs to add that additional detail that one is seeking. As one can see, there are quite a few railings included that a nice addition is a set that curves up to fit on the bow sections.

Also part of the set are several styles of crane, depth charge stowage racks and tracks, gun directors, prop guards, aircraft catapults, yardarms, radars, and some aircraft propellers. The set comes with a full set of instructions on how to fold this material. You may have noticed that this is not brass, but stainless steel. Instructinos also include drawings of several different classes of ship and how they were outfitted so you can make the proper choice of items.

In all, very much worth picking up.

This set has a sticker on it for $12.00, which is a good price, though I fear this has been around for quite a few years.

July 2017

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