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Scott Van Aken


Resin with etched brass

Many modelers like to put their finished beauties on display bases. Some can be very simple and others quite detailed. Over the recent years, there has been a greater number of folks who don't like to do all the work to produce their own and a steadily increasing market for pre-made display surfaces has come about. The earliest were just simple cardboard with a design printed on it. In a few cases, details were embossed. Later on, resin display bases became increasingly more popular.

From one of the best producers of resin display bases, Just Plane Stuff, comes the latest creation, a Modern USN Carrier Deck. This is quite a nice, hefty piece of resin with superb surface detailing. You can feel the roughness of the non-skid coating and see the welds for deck sections. There are also the required tie-down areas. Rather than mold the tie downs in resin, which would easily clog and be difficult to produce, Just Plane Stuff has included an etched fret that has the tie downs on them. It is a simple matter to superglue them in place prior to painting.

As with all Just Plane Stuff bases, a nice photograph of a completed base is included with the set to show you how one might look. The instructions that come with the base are very good. Not only are painting and weathering tips given, but also information on mounting the resin base to a wood board are included. 

I must say that I am quite impressed with this product. I have already bought his Japanese and US WWII base and this one will be a real beauty when done.

Review copy courtesy of Just Plane Stuff .

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