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Crystal Clear vac canopy set

Falcon has been known the world round for producing fine vacuformed products and none are more welcome and useful than their canopy sets. Each one of their sets contains accurate clear bits for a wide variety of aircraft, all of whose kits really need a quality canopy. They are also handy as replacements when bits are lost or broken and will often fit kits for which they are not designed.

This is particularly true today as this and many other Falcon sets are for what many of us would consider vintage kits. However, many of us like to build vintage kits so these are still quite handy. I ordered this sheet while building the recent Airfix Hellcat when I realized the kit had no clear bits. Fortunately, my friend Kevin had a set from an Academy kit he had parted out and so this set was not needed. However, it was already on its way so here is a look at what is included and the kits for which they are designed.

This particular set concentrates on a more eclectic bunching of aircraft. To make things simple, here is a list of what is included and the kits for which they are recommended.

PBY Catalina - Revell

SB2C Helldiver - Matchbox

PV-1 Ventura - Minicraft

F2A Buffalo -- Matchbox

SNJ Texan - Heller or Airfix

F4U-1 Corsair - Hasegawa

F-6-3 and F6F-5 Hellcat - Hasegawa

Finally, the PB4Y Privateer - Matchbox. This one, like the Catalina has a lot of clear bits.

The molding is very nice with fairly thick plastic so it won't be difficult to attach. However, the frame lines are quite indistinct until you get very close and then they are easy to see. There are also a few mold pips on the frames that some may want to remove. The set comes with great drawings as well as helpful information on cutting and application of each piece.

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