DN Models 48/827-029 UH-1D Canopy Masks

A few weeks ago, there was an inquiry on the forum about these masks. I had not heard of the company before, and since I was planning on building the Kitty Hawk kit some time in the near future, thought that a set of masks would be useful.

I went on-line and found them, ordering them direct from the company who makes them in Bulgaria. Forgive me for not remembering how much they were, but the price was about what you'd expect for something like this. The set arrived well packaged and in what seemed like a pretty speedy time.

The set is quite typical of many other sets out of Europe. The large areas are dealt with by offering the outer edges and you fill the inner parts with masking fluid or tape. The smaller items are all inclusive. This works quite well and I've used mask sets like this before.

I have not shown the actual masks as all you'll see is a rectangle of dark tan. However, they also include a guide, which is shown. Instructions are included so you know where to fit the various edge bits on the main windscreens and the upper skylights. Though the UH-1 is not really a difficult aircraft to mask, these will make the effort a lot easier and are recommended for those who want to skip the 'tape and cut' step.

Scott Van Aken

October 2017

Thanks to me for picking up this set.

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