DN Models 32/827-006 Bf-109K-4 Markings and Canopy Mask
PRICE: $10.99 plus shipping
FOR: Revell/Hasegawa 1/32 kit
NOTES: Can be reused

Earlier, I reviewed a set of masks from DN Models for the ZTZ-99 tank and mentioned that DN Models in Bulgaria offered a set for review.

I chose this set for the Revell 1/32 Bf-109K-4. This kit is actually a reboxed Hasegawa kit so it is not a requirement that the Revell kit be utilized. I do not have this kit so cannot comment on the units, but it is obvious that the kit provides markings for at least two and perhaps three planes. The sheet (which I do not show as it would look like a grey rectangle), includes the wing and fuselage insignia as well as aircraft numbers for the markings options provided in the Revell kit. There are no swastikas, which would have been a nice addition, so you'll have to use decals for that feature. The set also includes windscreen, canopy and head armor masks as well.

There is no instruction sheet so this would be for those who have used these items before. While it would have been nice to have instructions, these are pretty much intuitive. While painting on markings takes a bit more time, there are never any issues with silvering and they are easy to weather along with the rest of the airframe.

March 2016,

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Thanks to DN Models for the preview set. You can get yours at this link

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