Masterpiece Models 1/35 European Cottage

KIT #: ?
PRICE: $24.95 from
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin Diorama item

One of their latest releases from Masterpiece Models is this European Cottage section. The piece is fully formed and ready to prime and paint. It is pretty much a corner section with the small part on the left in the photo a solid cast with no detail on the left of it, while the larger part on the right being hollow.

As you can see from the detail shot on the left, the casting of the uneven brick walls and damaged roof is very good with only a few small air pockets on the lower portion and on a few shingles. These are easily handled or covered up. No instructions are included as none are needed. After a small bit of clean up, one simply paints and weathers this piece for inclusion into your next armor diorama.

A very nice piece at a reasonable price.

May 2010

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