Creative Displays car display stand


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Scott Van Aken



Those of you who have attended shows in the Midwest may have seen some rather intriguing display bases from time to time under some of my aircraft models. That was a flexible aircraft base by the folks at Creative Displays. They also produce display bases for cars and like all good things, it has been greatly modified over the years. So much so, that they asked me to replace the old car display stand review to show the new one.

Other than the fact that it is the same general appearance of the older one, very little is the same. For one thing, it isn't quite as tall. The swivel mechanism is completely different and the upper display portion is no longer clear acrylic, but  black acrylic with a mirrored surface. Car modelers like mirror bases as it shows the underside so nicely. The one shown still has the protective cover over it. This version also comes with a tall cover, though you can get it without should you desire.

The reason for the metal plate is that the set now comes with four rubber mounts that are attached to small suction cups.  As with the aircraft stand, these rubber mounts are sufficient to keep the car in place as the stand it tilted. They also allow precise placement under your car; should that be chassis components or under the tires.

As you can see from the image, the swivel section is a very beefy construct and one that can withstand a lot of use. The main upright is no longer plastic but made from aluminum. The base has four padded feet so that it will not mar any surface you might place the display upon.

Thanks to Creative Displays for providing the review item.

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