Fruilmodel ATL-01 T-54/55/62 track links

PRICE: $44.95 SRP 
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Metal track links in 1/35 scale

A company that has made its name with armor modelers is Fruilmodel. For the non armor fans, these are metal individual track link sets. This one contains 210 links (you do get a few spares) and is designed for any 1/35 T-54/55/62 tank kit, though most will probably use it on the Tamiya version.

The set comes with two bags of links and a long section of wire. Sometimes these tracks are handed, though I don't think these are. What you do is put two links together and thread a section ofe wire through them. You can secure the end of the wire with super glue or even epoxy if you wish. These tracks may need to be trimmed if there are any attachment points and they do need to be washed to remove any casting release material prior to painting.

These are quite time consuming for the uninitiated, but are really the best way to get good looking tracks for your tank. The weight of the metal is particularly realistic for those vehicle types that normally have saggy tracks. They are not inexpensive, but they sure look great on the finished model.

July 2017

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