Aoshima 1/24 Tool box and tools




2000 yen SRP




Scott Van Aken


Photo Etch with cast metal parts

Those who build cars enjoy doing dioramas as much as those who do armor or figures. In that light, this latest bit from Aoshima is something that will fit in many automotive settings.

What we have is your basic large toolbox that many enthusiasts and racing teams will have on hand. The majority of the kit is in photo etch with the caster wheels being done in cast metal. The photo etch sheets are superbly done and have excellent detail. What one basically gets with this is the box case and all the different drawer fronts.

Included are a number of tools that can be placed atop the box. It includes a scissor jack, pliers and wrenches, many of which will need to be assembled as even the hand tools are double pieces to provide some thickness. A brass wire is included to make the hinges for the scissor jack.

Complete building instructions are included with this set.

In all, a neat auto diorama piece.

January 2012

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