Zvezda Su-39 Paint Set

MODEL#: 17
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Four shades

One thing that modelers are not lacking is a choice of hobby paints. This is a set of acrylic paints specifically for the Zvezda 1/72 Su-39. They look a lot like Flanker shades in that there are two blue-grey shades for the upper side and one light blue shade for the underside. The set also includes a green for the color of the dielectrics such as the tip of the fin.

The paints are in what appear to be a glass bottle with a metal top. Each bottle is 10 ml, which isn't a lot but is enough to do at least one aircraft. Everything on the bottles and the box is in Russian. I've had this set for a bit, but it should still be viable. I've not opened it as opening things like this often leads to loss so it is still sealed.

October 2023

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