Hasegawa 1/72 CMV-22 Osprey "US Navy"

KIT #: 02410
PRICE: 5000 yen SRP
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2022 release



The CMV-22B Osprey is a variant of the MV-22B and is the replacement for the C-2A Greyhound for the Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) mission.  The Osprey is a tiltrotor V/STOL aircraft that can takeoff and land as a helicopter but transit as a turboprop aircraft. 

It will provide the Navy with significant increases in capability and operational flexibility over the C-2A.  CMV-22B operations can be either shore-based, “expeditionary”, or sea-based.  The Osprey is a critical warfighting enabler, providing the time sensitive combat logistics needed to support combat operations.

As compared to the MV-22B, the Navy variant has extended operational range, a beyond line-of-sight HF radio, improved fuel dump capability, a public address system for passengers, and an improved lighting system for cargo loading.  The CMV-22B will be capable of transporting up to 6,000 pounds of cargo/personnel to a 1,150 NM range.

The CMV-22B declared Initial Operational Capability (IOC) in 2021. While the Program of Record has 48 CMV-22 projected, the Navy currently plans to procure only 44 aircraft.


Hasegawa's Osprey was initially released in 2013 and aside from the base boxing, this is the 11th Limited Edition. All of the sprues are packed inside a single poly bag, as is the norm for Hasegawa. There are ten sprues of which two are clear and one is dedicated to a display stand, something that I like and that is appropriate for displaying this aircraft with the wings level. The kit provides an adequate interior with seats, control sticks and instrument panel. Decals are used for the instruments and consoles with two pilot figures included. Interestingly, one does not populate the cockpit until after the airframe is pretty much together.

While there are interior bulkheads, there is no cabin detail. The rear doors are molded as one piece and designed to be modeled closed. There are separate flaps for the wings as they are to be deployed during vertical flight. The kit cannot be modeled in the storage position. However, the engines can be moved to either vertical or horizontal flight and anything in between as they are held on the tips of the wings by polycaps. The rotor blades are two parts with a lower half to allow easy insertion into the prop hub. The builder is also provided with the option for gear up if so desired, though it means cutting the door hinges to do so. The kit provides a remarkable number of antennas and aerodynamic devices so care needs to be taken when gluing these in place.

As this is the specialized COD version, this kit provides items not found in other boxings. For one thing, there is a photo etch fret for the HF radio antenna. This is a fairly complex installation as in addition to the etched antenna itself, there are the small rectangular mounting plates. This will require rather precise hole drilling on the upper and side fuselage. Fortunately, Hasegawa provides exact measurements as to where these should be drilled. In addition to the photo etch, there are resin fairings that fit on the forward portion of the sponsons. I have to assume this is for additional fuel.

Instructions use Gunze paint references and while the instructions look complex at first glance, studying them shows that they are quite logically arranged and should be quite helpful.
 Markings are for two nearly identical aircraft in gloss light gull grey with a white upper fuselage, wings, and horizontal stabilizer. The prominent wing walk markings are part of the decal suite. The two units are VRM-30 out of North Island and VRM-50 out of Guam.


Nice to see this one being kitted. It will take a bit more effort than others in this series but should be well worth the work. On a personal note, the use of this aircraft adds the disappearance of one more unit in which I served with VRC-30 going into the history books.



September 2022

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