Pilot Replicas 1/48 SAAB SK60A/B

KIT #: 48-A005
PRICE: $50.00 or so
DECALS: Four options

The SAAB SK60 A/B is a two seat, high-wing, twin jet trainer, (SK60A)and light attack aircraft (SK60B). It was originally built as a private venture before being procured by the Swedish Air force. It first flew in 1963 and entered service in 1967. SAAB built 150 for the Swedish Air Force and an additional 40 for Austria. It served with one Swedish and two Austrian display teams. The SK60 is scheduled to remain in service with the Swedish Air Force through 2026.


The Swedish company (the box says made in China), Pilot Replicas, released an injection molded 1/48 scale kit of the SAAB SK60 A/B in 2022. The kit has 103 plastic parts and 31 photo-etched brass parts. The kit comes in a sturdy, top opening, box and the six sprue trees are each in sealed plastic bags. The photo-etched fret has an adhesive clear plastic film on both sides. Both the instructions and the paint/decal placement guide are on glossy card stock and the latter is in full color. The instructions clearly differentiate which parts should be used when building the A or B version. The two sheets of decals have wax paper cover sheets.

All of the parts are crisply molded and the surface detail is by recessed panel lines. The cockpit has a high level of detail that will reward careful painting. The instrument panels have engraved detail and decals are also provided. The fuselage assembly appears to be fairly complex due to the locations of the engine intakes and exhausts and the landing gear bays. A careful study of the instructions along with test fitting will probably pay benefits here. The wing is in three pieces and the undersides need to have holes opened if building the “B” version. The windshield and canopy are molded separately and clear parts are provided for the wingtip navigation lights. Assembly is completed by attaching the 24(!) photo-etched antennae, vanes, and hatches.

Four decal options are provided; three SK60As and one SK60B. Two of the SK60As are in natural metal finish while the third is camouflaged in dark blue and dark olive green over light blue-gray. The camouflaged machine also has dayglo red panels on the upper and lower sides of the wings and horizontal stabilizers. The sole SK60B option is camouflaged in dark blue and dark olive green over light blue gray. This example also has white panels on the upper side of the wing. All of the colors are referenced to Mr Color paints.


A very nice kit of an appealing aircraft. It does, however, have the potential for being a somewhat “fiddly” build due to the junction of the wing, main landing gear bays, engine intakes, and engine exhausts. I wouldn't recommend it to beginners, but anyone experienced with photo-etch and aligning multi part sub-assemblies should find it a rewarding project.

Rob Hart

May 2024

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