Revell 1/35 Mercedes-Benz GL Wolf
KIT #: 03277
PRICE: $30
DECALS: Four options
REVIEWER: Spiros Pendedekas


The Wolf GL is a Mercedes-Benz military vehicle used not only by the German, but also many other Armies and other government organizations. Being a special development of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, it belongs to the so-called "third generation" off road vehicles, with the transport Serval and the “protected vehicle” Enok having emerged from it.


Prior to 2008, where Revell came with a full styrene mainstream kit of the Wolf, the only other option was the 1987 vac formed Hobbymodellbau Schmidt offer. The Revell kit was reboxed in 2016 by MBK Models and in 2019 by Revell again, the latter being the subject of this preview. The specific copy was a kind offer from, a really nice and the sole remaining hobby shop in my hometown, Chalkis, Greece.

The kit comes in a sturdy, good quality, side opening box (a top opening would be preferable for most of us), carrying an attractive box art of a Bundeswehr Heer example somewhere in the woods. Upon opening the box, I was greeted with three light gray sprues containing 92 parts . Molding is first class with no flash at all.

Interior is very well represented with all stuff typically found in the real thing. The instruments and some dashboard detailing are represented by decals. While the (nevertheless too busy looking in reality) seats look good, I would not mind if they were molded with thicker back sides and framed bases.

The chassis, a distinctive feature of these vehicles, is amazingly done and the various protectors, bumpers, differentials, axles, rims and the like are equally well rendered. The body is also nicely done with all parts looking very realistic. No engine is provided, but most of us will not consider it as a solid omission for the scale.

The soft top supporting frame is very well done, whereas the soft top itself, while looking good, is molded on the “uniform” side and might benefit from some uneven, coarse sanding or so.

Transparencies are very well done and crystal clear. Again, the soft top ones are, in reality, soft and not uniform looking, so, if you opt for extra realism, you might consider replacing them with some sort of transparent film or so.

The tires are provided in vinyl and have nice off road thread. Since vinyl tires are reported to, at times, “eat” the styrene rims, I usually coat the rim contact surfaces with Future, which looks resistant to the aggressive vinyl. Finally, a wire piece is provided to replicate the antenna, which differs in location regarding the version.

Instructions are wonderful, New Revell style, coming in the form of an excellent quality 16-page color booklet, containing a photo of a completed model, a parts diagram, with the construction supremely spread in 33 clear and concise steps, including full color callouts. Instructions shine.

Four schemes are provided, for two Bundeswehr Heer and one Koninklijke Landmachtand machines in three tone bronze green/leather brown/black camo and one KFOR Österreichisches Landstreitkräfte example in NATO olive. Colors are provided in Revell coding but also in generic form.  Decals are superbly printed (by Cartograf - though not stated at the sheet, but it is pretty obvious).


This is an excellent kit for this important military vehicle. General shapes of parts look accurate, detail is all around great, molding is superb, clear parts are great, and decals are superb, as are the instructions.

The Wolf has become an iconic military vehicle and the Revell offer pays good tribute to it. Definitely a kit worth tackling

Happy Modeling!
Spiros Pendedekas

May 2023

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