Italaerei 1/35 Military Road Signs
KIT #: 403
PRICE: $5.00 'Used'
DECALS: One set
REVIEWER: Peter Burstow
NOTES: Currently OOP


Throughout the years, armies have removed useful signs such as names on railway stations and replaced them with their own, sometimes cryptic, signs.

 This little kit is a collection of 14 English, German and Italian military signs, mostly from the North African campaigns of World War 2.


 Must have been released before 1979, as it has the old Italaerei name on the box. It's not on the Italeri website. You might find it at a swap meet.

 2 sprues with 31 pieces of light brown plastic, enough to make a couple of trees, 2 oil drums, a telephone pole, and lots of sign-boards.

 There is a heavy wood grain effect on the sign boards,  which may cause problems with the decals settling. Some ejector pin marks which will be mostly hidden when assembled. There is a slight mould seam along the edges of the parts, a light sand should fix that. There are no visible sink marks, unless that's what the dents in the oil drums are.

 The decal sheet was printed, in black and white only,  by Cartograf, and probably would have worked if it wasn't so badly water damaged. It remains to be seen if it can be recovered.  There seem to be no registration problems. (The image has been darkened to try to show the white bits. Ed)

 There were no instructions with my kit, apart from what was on the back of the box. Probably doesn't need any more. One of the oil drum lids was missing as well.


 An odd little kit that should not challenge the building skills at all. Will come to life with a bit of imaginative paintwork, and add a bit of interest to a diorama. A good rest cure after little fiddly brass, resin bits or track links. Recommended.

Peter Burstow

 January 2013

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