Kits Remembered 1/300 German Imperial Warship

KIT #: KRM 3001
PRICE: $20.00
REVIEWER: Mark Hiott
NOTES: No box or indication of scale


I don't think this is a German warship. I couldn't find anything close to it during my research. My research indicates this may be a model of the Chinese Ironclad "Dingyuan" AKA "Ting Yuen". At first I thought it might be a copy of the Bronco kit, but there are some differences.

It's molded in gray plastic with a red lower hull. The detail seems to be quite nice, but there is a bit of flash on some of the parts. The kit also includes parts to motorize it and notes on how to trim it in the water.

The instructions are 2 Xeroxed pages and, while simple, should be up to the task. There are no color callouts, but I think you could find enough info online. There is a black and white 2-plan view for the rigging layout.

My kit has no indication of scale, but the hull is about 12" long. I did find a color photo of the actual box online and it gave a scale of 1/300.


I bought this kit second hand and I've never heard of Kits Remembered. I'm not sure if it's still in production. It is a simple kit but the level of detail is very good. I think anyone with a couple kits under their belt could handle this one.

While this kit is quite a bit cheaper, I think the Bronco kit may be a better choice.

Mark Hiott

June 2019


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