KIT: Glencoe 1/225 USS Oregon
KIT #: 08301
PRICE: $34.99
DECALS: flags
REVIEWER: Greg Ewald
NOTES: Lots of bulk for the buck


 Certainly an interesting looking vessel, this pre-dreadnought attained celebrity status in the United States for it’s brave combat exploits in the war of 1898, and the record run around the Cape Horn at a staggering 16 knots.  The 13” guns could pierce steel armor like a knife through butter, and she served well in the destruction of the Spanish fleet, and the blockade of Cuba.

   In 1925, she was purchased by the state of Oregon as a memorial, but during WW2, the once proud battleship was reduced to the status of an ammunition storage hulk.Sad,really, that the fate of the U.S.S. Oregon was to be nothing but a barge for the war, and then scrapped soon after.

    At 351 feet from stem to stern, she was a “terror of the ocean” in her heyday, and despite problems in the initial design (she was somewhat “fat” in the belly), acquitted herself well throughout her long career in the USN.


This kit represents the 1893-1899 version of the ship, prior to the addition of the cage masts that became so prevalent after WW1.  Molded in a light grey styrene, the slightly over 150 pieces are fairly flash free, and the plastic is nice and sandable…not at all brittle.  Unfortunately, the details are clunky and raised (hey, this is a re-release, remember? Oh yeah) and some serious sanding action is going to have to take place.

   At 20” in length, and 4” wide, this ship certainly makes an impression on the shelf or display table, especially with the  bright white side colours, wooden decking, and red hull.

   The boxing is fantastic…Stevens International outdid themselves here, with heavy duty cardboard, and heat sealed bags, not a single part was missing or damaged.  The decals are from ScaleMaster, and certainly look to be perfect.

   Too bad that the instructions are so bizarre…you’ll be twisting and turning them throughout the construction to try to figure out the assembly, but it’s a small price to pay.


 All in all?  I would say that any battleship afficianado would be really happy with this kit, especially for the price.  Aftermarket additions are available, and might make for some good superdetails, though I tend to not use photoetch on less than 1/600 ships, in this case, I might look for a set.

April 2006


 References:  “ Warships   1860 to the Present”  David Miller

 Review kit courtesy of: my wallet, and a good deal at Trident Hobbies.

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