KIT: Revell 1/32 Colonial Viper
KIT #: 85-6442
PRICE: $24.95 MSRP
DECALS: Several Options
NOTES: 30th Anniversary edition


History, what history? This is Science Fiction model.  In the Battlestar Galactica universe this fighter was officially known as the Colonial Viper Mk. 1.  The Colonial Viper was the primary fighter deployed by the Colonial Fleet against the dreaded Cylons.  It was versatile fighter as it could take off from a planet or be launched directly from a Battlestar.  It was equipped with a two laser cannons and was propelled by three engines that could “Turbo” boost at a press of a button.  Heck, it has been known to fight the odd fire or two.   


This is the third release by Revell of the Colonial Viper, the first being 1978 and the second in 1998.  The Viper has special place in my heart as it was one of the pentacle models of my childhood.  I was eight years when I built my Viper and had a blast flying it around the neighborhood.  It even had the rubber band missile launcher, no longer offered in subsequent versions.  When I got back into modeling in early 2000, I went looking for Viper on ebay and was shocked by the prices (usually $50 to $75 and above).  So, needless to say, I am officially geeked about this release and have already stocked piled four of them (not to collect but to build).    

For this edition, Revell revised some parts, added some parts and generally left most of it alone.  The big addition is a clear canopy along with a cockpit.  It is my understanding that the cockpit was patterned after the lifesize version instead of the studio model.  It reminds me of a typical sci-fi cockpit – decent but very plain.     

You also get a pilot that is mostly accurate but the details are soft.  The engine nozzles are the other big improvement.  Gone are the bowl like nozzles and they have now been opened up.  Revell also included clear plastic inserts that cover the nozzles.  A modeler who wants to light their fighter up will rejoice with all these changes.

Some things have not changed.  The basic body uses the same molds as the 1978 version and they have held up decently.  There is some minor flash but nothing that an average modeler can remove within minutes.  The body and wings also have finely raised panel lines which is typical of 1970’s Revell models. 

Revell also supplied a new set of decals with this release.  The options of the decals are simply amazing.  You get 3 choices from the central display screen in the cockpit alone.  Also included is the option for the Pegasus Silver Spar Squadron and crew names for members in the Original Battlestar Galactica cast.    


Break out my geek card because this one re-release that I have been waiting for.  I applaud Revell for updating several of the “major” issues with the original kit, but I wish they would have gone a few more steps.    Overall, I am extremely happy to finally get my hands on a Viper and I recommend that you also snap one before it disappears again. 

Matt Good

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