Bandai 1/72 Resistance X-Wing Fighter
KIT #: 0202289
PRICE: $25.00
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: John Summerford
NOTES: Includes stickers


Courtesy Wookieepedia

“The T-70 X-wing starfighter was a cruciform starfighter measuring 12.49 meters in length with a maximum capacity of a single pilot and bottom-loaded astromech droid, which fit into a socket that could be variably configured for different models. If needed, the droid could fly the starfighter without the aid of a pilot, and could even do so remotely.

“The vessel's targeting computer, flight controls and other essential piloting instruments were located inside an armored cockpit module, under which a removable liquid-cooled flight computer further aided the pilot in ship-based operations. Access panels for computer access and storage existed inside the 'nose' of the vessel, along with an auxiliary generator and storage area typically used for stashing survival gear. A small sensor window marked the location of the ship’s primary sensor array at the very tip of the nosecone, located behind an emergency beacon. Behind the pilot, a built-in life support system allowed the occupant to breathe in an oxygenated atmosphere. The sensors were superior to older models.”


The top opening box contains four sprues in three bags—the two smaller sprues in the same bag. The sprue of fuselage parts is molded in three colors plus clear! Detail is very crisp and many of the parts have oversized pins and deep sockets that don’t require glue, making for easier assembly by novice builders. I count 90 parts including the nine-part base. Building options are; wings deployed in the X configuration or closed, and landing gear up or down. I am unclear if the wings can transition from one setting to the other, but I think so.

Instructions are on an impressive four-fold sheet 10” by 34“. Assembly is broken down to seven steps, the final is for the stand. Each step has several sub-steps and sub-assemblies.

The paint and marking scheme is very detailed and my bi-focal lenses are barely up to the task. Another nod to novices is the form of markings available--either peel and stick, or water slide decals. Specific brands of paint are not called out, but acrylics are recommended and mixing formulas given.


I don’t recall seeing a more complex 72nd scale model than this one. Much attention has been paid to making the assembly as easy as possible given the complexity, but it is not a quick build. I doubt that any filler or filing is necessary. I also think the cockpit stickers are very useful and make short work of that area. This looks to me like this kit is money well spent.

John Summerford

May 2020


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